Labor Day LaserMax

Saluting the people who make us LaserMax.

Labor Day isn’t all about sales. It’s about taking a moment to honor all the good working people of America. So while you’re firing up the grill and enjoying one last summer Monday off, we hope you’re also raising a toast to the people who built this country—and who continue to do so.


Meet Shannon Johnson

Shannon Johnson, Group Leader in charge of overseeing products for LaserMax, is one of these people. This Labor Day, we want to honor her and introduce you to her. It’s because of Shannon and her colleagues that LaserMax continues to bring you the cutting edge, industry-leading products that make the difference when the pressure is on.

Shannon has been a colleague of ours since 2001 — that’s over two decades of her efforts in our favor. As Group Leader, she’s in charge of product quality here. Shannon manages the team that make sure each laser meets our high standards and is ready to go out the door. During the busy season, she oversees as many as 15 team members, confirming the quality of everything from Spartan lasers to the diode lasers we make that advance science, medicine, and industry.

Before coming to LaserMax, Shannon served in the military, so she brings a familiarity with firearms with her. Even though she’s been doing this work for decades, though, she still doesn’t have her gun permit. She applied for it, but pandemic-related backlogs are keeping her waiting. Mostly, Shannon wants her gun permit so she can be among those who handle live fire testing; now, she has to have others perform those tests and she’s a hands-on type of person.


Shannon shares that she and her team are constantly testing the products we make. Unlike with other companies and other products, LaserMax lasers can’t be adjusted once they go out the door. We have to make sure our customers get the quality and dependability we work so hard to keep up. Laser sights are expensive, and there’s no room for error — when you need your laser to work, you need it to work perfectly and instantaneously. These are products that can defuse intense situations and give you the advantage when that’s not possible. Shannon recognizes that, and that’s what gives her and her team the serious motivation to ensure quality.

She says, “Our products are reliable — we’re proud of that. We stand by them. We sometimes get products back from when I first started twenty years ago — and they’re still working! The customer lost the battery cap or something like that, but the laser is still working as perfectly as the day it shipped.”

When Shannon’s gun permit finally gets processed, she’s aiming to get a LMS G43. “I want a Guide Rod,” she says. Makes sense. Only LaserMax makes internal lasers like that.

Thank you Shannon for all you do for LaserMax. This Labor Day, we salute you.