Trigger guard Laser overview



What is a trigger guard laser?


It’s a laser system that installs directly on frame of the pistol, specifically the trigger guard. Some models also have a flashlight option. These are designed to fit specific pistol models, the unit shown in this blog is for the Glock 42/43/43/43x/48 model number CF-G4243-C-R. LaserMax offers a wide assortment of trigger guard lasers to accommodate a wide verity of pistol models which can be found here Best Trigger Lasers | Trigger Guard Laser Sights | LaserMax


Why use a trigger guard laser?

They are optimal for conceal carry and personal protection applications. They have a slender profile and follow the contours of the pistol frame. There are no sharp edges on trigger guard laser housing, this reduces snag hazards such as clothing during concealed draws. The laser housings are ergonomic designed to offer easy and comfortable access to the activation buttons. Some models come equipped with our patented GripSense™ Technology utilizes similar technology to smartphones, in that the product contains a detection zone in the area that users middle finger indexes the trigger guard of the firearm and senses the user’s grip on the firearm and activates the laser instantly. The user has the option to turn off the laser with the push of a button or disable the GripSense Activation and rely solely on the button activation.