What Is a Trigger Guard Laser Sight?

A laser sight is a tool to improve your confidence and reaction time with your firearm, particularly in low-light conditions. It consists of a small battery-powered device that installs easily onto your pistol. Once installed, it then projects a red or green laser beam onto your target. (The laser’s color depends on the model of laser sight you buy, with red and green lasers offering different performance and price points.)

The instant visual feedback of a gun laser sight gives you a faster sense of where you are aiming and helps you take more accurate shots at short- and medium-range. Most users report immediate, noticeable accuracy gains after installing one of these sights.

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Types of Laser Sights

At LaserMax, we make three different kinds of laser sights, each type being distinguished by where on the gun it is mounted:

  • Internally Mounted: Our Guide Rod Laser sights replace your firearm’s existing guide rod and offer the highest accuracy of any laser sight.
  • Rail Mounted: Rail-mounted laser sights can mount anywhere on your gun’s rail and have room for added features such as a standard light beam/laser beam duo.
  • Trigger Guard Mounted: A trigger guard laser sight attaches directly to your weapon’s trigger guard. This type is versatile and easy to install.

Today we’re talking about the third category: trigger guard sights.

Designed for Your Specific Pistol Model


We design our trigger guard laser sight systems to install directly onto the frame of your pistol, which means they are designed to fit specific pistol models.

To give you an example of what they look like, the laser sight shown throughout this article is our Red GripSense™ Laser (Model No. CF-G4243-C-R) for Glock models 42 / 43 / 43X / 48. We also make trigger guard laser sight models for other firearm manufacturers like S&W and Ruger.

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Why Use a Trigger Guard Laser?


So, what is a trigger guard laser sight going to do to make it worth your while, and when should you choose it over other types of laser sights?

Trigger guard lasers are easily and readily installed onto your trigger guard without permanently altering your pistol’s hardware. The design is ambidextrous, so you can use them with either hand equally well. They are optimal for conceal carry and personal protection applications:

  • They have a slender profile and follow the contours of the pistol frame.
  • There are no sharp edges on trigger guard laser housing, which reduces snag hazards such as clothing during concealed draws.
  • They are rugged, resisting drops, recoil, temperature extremes, and water exposure.

The laser housings are ergonomically designed to offer easy and comfortable access to the activation buttons. Some models also come equipped with our patented GripSense™ Technology, which is similar to smartphones in that the sight can detect when you pick up the gun and will activate the laser instantly. You can optionally turn this feature off and rely solely on the button activation—any way you want it! After all, what is a trigger guard laser sight but a way to give you more control over how you shoot?

Explore our trigger guard lasers today and find one for your pistol.